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Who Are We?

Reshapen is the ultimate go-to clothing and accessories online store for individuals that are or aim to be self-made and successful. Reshapen's products feature designs that are crafted to look like you, providing the perfect blend between meaning, individuality and fashion.

Where Are We Located?

We are a black-owned, U.S based company currently operating out of North Carolina.

The Mission

"To empower all individuals to feel more confident by allowing them to express their authentic selves through high-quality, purposeful and customized products."

The Meaning

1. Something to identify with

When we started Reshapen, we wanted to create designs that all of our customers could identify with. Our solution was to incorporate designs that include the most distinguishable, physical part of every individual; the face. Each face is meticulously crafted to highlight even the most minute details. To accompany the carefully crafted face, we specifically chose attire that showed professionalism but with a distinct finesse. While we may be still far away from having designs that everyone can identify with; it's still our goal.

2. Carving the rock

The rock is a physical manifestation for everyday struggles, hardships, trials and tribulations. Every single individual has obstacles that they are constantly trying to overcome. In each design, the individual is actively working on themselves or "carving the rock" to break free and overcome these circumstances. Lastly, while the sizes of the rocks among designs may differ, every design has a rock that was purposely left unfinished to represent that no matter how far you've already come; there's always room for improvement.

3. The Finished Product

When we combine the 2 elements together, we create a truly unique concept. A design that our customers can identify with, and one that also provides a deeply profound meaning. These designs are then placed on selected canvases that are able to display their true detail, color and craftsmanship. We hope that our products resonate with our customers on a deeper level, gain personal significance and become an avenue for all to embrace their individuality with every cherished piece.

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